Tahiti Fly Fishing

Where to fish

French Polynesia is a huge country, as vast as Europe. It is composed of 144 atolls and islands. This is a large playground for Fly Fishers! The biggest atoll, Rangiroa, is the second biggest atoll in the world, and it can fit Tahiti inside its lagoon. French Polynesia is a perfect destination for a fishing stay. We will love this destination for sure.

Finding bonefish in such a large area can be a tricky task…

Our values

We are living in French Polynesia and think that fishing is a great value for our country, we are trying to protect this great asset. That is why we pratice the “catch and release” technique. Sport fishing is the best way to protect mother nature.


Our vocation is to protect the seabed to ensure water quality.
We know the best places to fish, we will be delighted to let you discover them during your stay in Polynesia.
We have equipment available for all levels.

About us

We are the pioneer of fly fishing in French Polynesia. A lot of people come in our islands and try to find the famous bonefish but unfortunatly they are ofthen disspointed and argue there are no fish in French Polynesia. Because the area is so huge it took us about 2 years to find the spots in Rangiroa where fishbones live and like to eat.. Since then, we know exactly where and when to find it.

Our project

We are looking at making French Polynesia one of the best fishing and fly fishing destination. The potential of this country is high with lots of islands, atolls and lagoons. Of course the country has also a lot of fishes of different species.

How to book your fishing trip to Tahiti

To arrange fishing vacation to the islands of Tahiti, feel free to contact our partner Moana Voyages, a travel agency based in Tahiti since 2005.